Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Championship Checkers

Sometimes the simplest games can bring the greatest amount of joy. Like seriously I don not know of any person who does not enjoy the simple yet beautiful game of checkers. I am sure all of you are aware of its game play and must have played it. And here is the difference, you must have played checkers on a board, that is as a board game. Every time you needed to have an actual opponent to enjoy the game. And to enjoy the game you had to ply with an opponent who was better or at least equal to your intellectual level.
Welcome to championship checkers, the virtual and better alternative to Checkers. Championship Checkers lets you choose from 24 different opponents with varying difficulty levels. This means that you can enjoy this game no matter who you are, either you are an experienced player or a beginner.
You can never get bored of this timely classic, there are also a huge set of customizable options and rules that you can set for yourself. Also there are multiple variations of the game, you are not stuck with the simple version of the game. If you get bored from the simple version and would like to try something new then you can always trey the alternative versions to checkers, they include Flying Kings and Spanish, American, Brazilian, Spanish, Russian, or Suicide.
If you are a beginner and do not know how to play this game then there is an in-game dreamcoach that will teach you how to play the game, guide you through every move and explain why this move was better than the other alternatives. This way you can learn while you play.
This game has excellent game play and decent graphics, you view the board as a 3-D object. Check out the screen shot below.

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What I think of Strategy Games?

Well what do I think of strategy games? In my opinion strategy based games are the best form of entertainment. Strategy games promote your thinking. They force you to think over every move, if your decision was a good one you will achieve victory and if you made a mistake somehow then your forces will have to deal with the consequences of your bad decision.
War based strategy games are my favorite, they actually let you relive the life of a commander and you can feel what it was like to be a commanding officer in the world wars. Such games allow you to control and command various weapons and equipment that have been used in real life in our history such as infantry, tanks, submarines, battleships and aircraft carriers.
While there are also those games that are set in the future, some games assume that recent wars have destroyed all life on earth and as a last resort we had to settle in space on some other planet, thus allowing us to battle in space. Here we get to command space ships and very advanced infantry and armor.
Strategy games are probably the oldest form of entertainment. While we enjoy battling huge armies and commanding our own virtual platoons. Aztecs and Egyptians have enjoyed strategy games for a long time, proof of this are the strategy based board games found by archaeologists.
Strategy games come in various forms. They are typically board games, video or computer games with the players' decision-making skills having a high significance in determining the outcome.
In the modern world a lot of strategy games are developed each month. More popular now a days are the free online strategy games that are rapidly gaining popularity.


1939 Battle fleet is a remake of the old strategy game Battle ships. But this time there are a lot of improvements. Of which include ship movement and ships have radar range, so that you know where you are firing and what is the limit of your weapons.
Player can choose among 27 ship types, 4 submarine types, 5 airplane types, 3 port artillery types, hence you have lots to choose from, the large amount of ships available to you means that you can play for extended hours without getting bored. You can also purchase new ships and weapons from the in game menu thus increasing your army. The map doesn't simply consist of endless oceans but various islands and ports are also available.

Every mission provides you with multiple objectives to achieve in order to complete the stage, these may include, conquer all enemy ports, defend your ports, destroy specific enemy ships or you can choose the death match where you will have to destroy all opposition in order to achieve victory.

If you love strategy games and did not play the old Battle Ships version of this game then this game is worth a try.

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Pax Galaxia

Pax Galaxia is a wonderful strategy game. It forces you to think on your every command. Pax Galaxia is based on the popular strategy game, RISK. All strategy lovers have played RISK. And if you love that game you will definitely love this game which is RISK on an interstellar level.
You get to command armies in space. The armies move by themselves guided by your past orders.
The user interface is nothing short of magic, you can command multiple armies with one mouse click and watch them move from star to star.
Key features of this game are cunning attacks, all your attacks will have to be well planed and well executed in order to achieve victory. Deceitful retreats, if all appears to be lost and you find that your army cannot win this battle, a retreat must be ordered in order to preserve your forces. Dramatic encirclements and desperate break through rescue efforts keep you wanting more.
And if you are one of those guys that get easily confused by the complex interface of strategy games then this game is for you. Its interface is nothing short of magic, extremely easy and extremely effective.
The difficulty level ranges from extremely easy to impossibly difficult. While the easy level is suitable for a few hours of fun the hard level require you maximum concentration to complete the stages.
You get to choose from more than forty galaxy maps, using all the difficulty levels. You'll also be able to play the maps you create in the in-game editor, as well as randomly generated maps.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Online Strategy Games: Rage of War

We all enjoy strategy games, right? But when it comes to Real time strategy involving space ships, lasers, commanders and huge flashy battles then I just love this game.
Galactic Dream: Rage of War is a space real time strategy game that has excellent graphics and game play as well as an interesting storyline.
You can download this free online strategy game from here, scroll down for the download link.

Galactic Dream is a classic space real time strategy with resource collection, base building, massive battles and pure destruction. The game features a Single Player campaign with varying objectives, from simple "kill all enemies" to timed defenses, destroying or protecting certain targets to escort missions.

Game starts with a campaign mode allowing you to choose one of 2 powerful houses, for an epic gigantic battle. Each house has over 50 detailed units, unique structures and automated resource gathering that will allow you to build your armies without any hassle.
The campaign introduces you to a thrilling futuristic storyline. Once you have completed the campaign mode, you can enjoy the game via multilayer, play a skirmish game with the computer or play over the internet or LAN with a friend.

Key Features:
  • Control hundreds of units and experience war at a new scale.
  • A thrilling sci-fi scenario: over 24 action-packed combat missions provide a challenge for all players.
  • Fast creation of armies and simultaneous building tasks will completely satisfy your hunger to conduct rushes over the enemy.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  • Pentium 1GHz or higher
  • 256MB RAM (recommended)
  • 32MB video card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • DirectX 9.0c
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Online Strategy Games: Galactic Imperia

A monopoly in the real estate is already set long ago, but not in space! In this economic strategy You have to conquer space taking proper account of monopoly laws, starting the game with the minimum of Your capital. It looks like an original monopoly, but more interesting considerably!

This game is Highly addictive, it lets you conquer space, monopoly style :). You get a starting capital and a cool space ship. Once you roll the dice you shift in space according to the number of planets specified. After landing on the planet you have the option of purchasing it. After purchasing it you have to build a powerful base there.
As soon as Your opponents arrive to Your base, they have to pay you a contribution. Having conquered all planets of the same color, you can set powerful rockets on them which multiply considerably the size of contribution.

There can be up to 6 players playing simultaneously, your opponents can be humans as well as computers.
Monopoly fans will love this game, as it lets them expand their love of monopoly to the space age level. This game has excellent graphics and has been developed in 3-D space.

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Click here for screen shot.

Game Requirements:

Operation System: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME/98
CPU: 2000 MHz
RAM: 512 Mb
Video: 256 Mb

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